Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2, December 2008, Pages 1-44 

Research note

Thermodynamic Simulation of Gas Carburizing of Steels

Pages 8-13

S. M. H. Modarresi; M. Kashefi; J. Vahdati Khaki

Research Paper

Anisotropy in Microalloyed S355N Steel

Pages 14-20

A. R. Ebrahimi; A. Abyazi; S. M. Abbasi

Research note

Evaluation of Nitrogen Diffusion in Plasma Nitrided Iron by Various

Pages 29-35

S. R. Hosseini; F. Ashrafizadeh

Research Paper

Hot Corrosion of Slag Line in Plaster of Tundish in Continuous Casting of Steel

Pages 36-44

S. S. Siadati; A. Monshi; E. Karamian; A. Salehian; S. Alikhani