Failure Modes Analysis System in Casting Parts by Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA) Method

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Research and Development Manager, Ghaltak Sazan Sepehan

2 neering technique which is widely used to design, identify, classify,

3 Industrial Zone, Ghaltak Sazan Sepahan, Human Resources Department



Improving the level of quality of products and services provided by companies is the first and main factor of development to get a major market share. In this regard, the failure mode and effects analysis are an effective method to improve the quality and reduce waste in products. To eliminate the existing defects, especially protrusion of the melt from the casting parts, the analysis of potential failure modes based on the multiplication of three numbers of intensity, occurrence and detect was used. The results of the study showed that to reduce the melting run out defect, the most important potential for failure is the lack of skills and experience of personnel in assembly, inadequate quality of raw materials, non-compliance with continuous casting with a risk priority number of 300,400,450, respectively. Continuous training, preparation of a checklist for input items and controlling the molding continuity reduced waste run outs defect by 70%.