Investigation on the Water Index Stability in the Direct Reduced Iron(DRI) Plant-ARFA Iron and Steelmaking Company

Document Type : Technical Note


1 ARFA iron & steel company

2 ABTIN steel technology- ARFA iron & steel company



Stability and corrosion indices can be used to study the physical and chemical properties of consumption water in industry. In this study, the results of monitoring the machinery and process water distribution circuits in the direct reduced iron plant by using Langelier saturation, Aggressiveness, Ryznar and, Puckorius scaling indices along with corrosion coupon data was investigated. All of data was gather during 10 months. Also all samples examined based on standard methods and indices were calculated by equations presented in literature. The results of Langelier saturation and Aggressiveness indices showed that there is a slight sedimentation tendency in the process and a slight corrosion leaning in the machinery water circuits. Existence of minor corrosion in the machinery water circuit is crucial to avoid the possibility of scale formation on the compressors lobes as a very important and expensive equipment. The process water showed slightly leaning to sedimentation of dissolved solids therefore treated for preventing the scale formation. Also, the corrosion coupons that were used periodically confirmed the above results.


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