Evaluation of the production of DRI in the world and Iran in 2021

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1 عضو هیئت مدیره انجمن آهن و فولاد ایران

2 دانشکده مواد و معدن، دانشگاه یزد، یزد ، ایران



DRI is one of the charging materials of steel furnaces and its production is increasing in the world and in Iran. India and Iran are the main producers of DRI in the world. The production process of DRI based on natural gas forms the main pillars of green steel production. In this method, 2/3 of iron ore is reduced with hydrogen gas and the remaining 1/3 with CO gas. Hot charging (HDRI) of DRI in EAFs brings many advantages, including increased productivity, reduced energy, refractories, graphite electrode consumption. Last year, 119.16 million tons of DRI were produced worldwide, of which 13.72 million tons were charged as the HDRI charge in EAFs. The Mobarakeh Steel Company Group of Iran is the largest producer of DRI (with 9 million tons) among the world's steel companies. It is expected that in the next 2-3 years, Iran will overtake India and become the first producer of DRI in the world.


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