Investigation of Possible Usage of Electric Arc Furnace Dust in Cement Industry

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Industry Sector- Fuel Conservation Organization, East Daneshvar Ave, North Shiraz St., Tehran, Iran

2 Materials Engineering Department, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran


Synopsis-In this research, possible usage of EAF dust on cement is investigated. Therefore, effects of addition of different percentages of EAF dust on the most important properties of cement such as hydration heat, water coefficient, viscosity, initial and final setting times, strength development and leachability of heavy metals were studied. Results showed that EAF dust alters the characteristics of cement unfavorably. So, it cannot be used for construction purposes. However, a prior soaking of EAF dust in water eliminates alkaline compounds which causes unfavorable alternation of cement characteristics and hence, engineering properties of the mixtures enhance especially long term strength of hardened mixtures. Leaching tests also proved that heavy metals contents of the leachates are considerably below the nonhazardous leachates limits. The above results document the perspectives of soaked EAFD solidification, disposal and the use of this waste material as a new additive to building materials. 


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