Investigation of Hardness and Impact Toughness of Zr-Microalloyed Cast Steel

Document Type : Research note


1 Maham Institute of Science & Technology, Group of Munitions & Metallurgical Industries, Pasdaran, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Metallurgy and Engineering Materials, Iran University Science and Technology, Narmak, Tehran, Iran


Microalloyed cast steels are a group of microalloyed steels in which reliable mechanical properties could be achieved by heat treatment.
In this work, the heat treatment processes were carried out on the cast specimens as the step samples by different thicknesses and Zr content.
The results show that after homogenization, variations in thickness have no effect on the hardness. Also, after heat treatment, Zr has more effects on properties. The optimum austenitization time was determined 2 hours in 950°C. Aging has no effect on hardness on Zr-  microalloyed cast steels


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