Simulating the Heat Treatment Process of the Shell Liner of Cr-Mo Steel

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Birjand University of Technology, South Khorasan, 97198-66981, Iran

2 Division of Research and Development, Isfahan Casting Industries Co. (ICI), Isfahan 83551-1111, Iran


The aim of the present research is to simulate the heat treatment process of the autogenous grinding (AG) shell liner of Cr-Mo steel in different quenching media (still air, air blowing, oil and water) using ABAQUS software, in order to calculate the cooling curves. In this regard, the microstructure and hardness for each arbitrary point within the mill liner's bulk could be predicted based on using the CCT diagram of Cr-Mo steel and superimposing the cooling curves. Moreover, the results of the simulations and the industrial data were compared to prove the validity of the simulation. The findings showed that the microstructure of pearlite, duplex pearlite+bainite and martensite were achieved by quenching, using air fan, oil and water, respectively. The simulated cooling curves were consistent with the measured cooling curves, and simulation could be a promising method for designing the heat treatment process for mill liners.


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