Evaluation of world and Iranian sponge iron production in 2020

Document Type : Technical Note


1 Member of the Board of the Iranian Iron & Steel Society of Iran

2 Faculty of Materials and Mining, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran



In the form of a technical note, this article deals with the production of sponge iron products in the world and compares it with Iran in 2020. Predicts the future of sponge iron products in the world, especially in Iran and examines the strengths and weaknesses ahead using the available figures. According to development plans, Iran is expected to be one of the world's top producers this year. India, Iran, Russia, Mexico and Saudi Arabia are the world's largest producers of sponge iron. Sponge iron is loaded cold, hot briquette and hot charge in an electric arc furnace. Last year, the world's sponge iron production was 104.4 million tons. 11.38 million tons of hot iron (HDRI) sponge iron are charged in arc furnaces. The production of hot briquettes (HBI) in the world last year was more than 9 million tons. Mobarakeh Steel Company (Isfahan-Iran) is the world's largest producer of sponge iron with a production of 7.25 million tons. The process of producing Iranian sponge iron (PERED) is expanding more and more.


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