Simulation of water-circulating path and heat transfer in blast-furnace tuyeres with simple and spiral double-chamfer design

Document Type : Research Paper


Research and Development Unit of Parchamdaran Sanat Sepahan company, Isfahan, Iran



Tuyeres or air-blowing nozzles are considered sensitive parts of blast furnaces responsible for blowing hot air into the furnace, and their proper operation has a direct effect on the iron-melting process in the blast furnace. These parts are usually damaged or destroyed by exposure to high temperatures, radiation, slag or molten iron scattering, improper design of the water-circulating system, low thermal conductivity, operator problems, etc.
In this paper, the two simple and spiral water-circulating designs are simulated and examined in heat transfer and fluid pressure drop under furnace conditions. Based on the results obtained from the spiral design, water is directed to the critical areas of the body at a lower temperature and passes through these areas quicker than the simple design.; Additionally, the cooling power of the spiral design is more efficient for the body of the tuyeres and will help prevent this part from burning in these areas. According to the simulation, the spiral design’s water pressure will drop slightly further than the simple design.


Main Subjects

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