Enhancement Wear Properties of HSS-M2 Tool Steel with WC Deposited by SMAW Process

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Materials Engineering Najafabad branch, Islamic Azad University


In this study, the effect of cladded tungsten carbide layer upon HSS - M2 tool steel on microstructure, hardness, and wear behavior has been studied in two cases without using the middle layer and using the middle layer of nickel. Tungsten Carbide cladded on
HSS - M2 tool steel by Arc Weld ( SMAW ). The ASTM-G65 wear test was used to determine its application for use in the mineral industry. The results show that the formation of M6C ( tungsten - rich carbide) is deposited layer, as well as tungsten carbide with the formation of a composite layer on the base metal surface, increases the wear resistance up to 60% and the hardness up to 150% compared to the uncoated sample. Comparing the results in terms of the use or non-use of the middle nickel layer indicates the improvement of wear behavior in conditions without using middle nickel layers.