The Necessity of Technological Innovation in the World's Steel Industry

Document Type: Research Paper


Iranian Fartak Research and Innovation Company, Tehran, Iran


Steel industry is one of the leading industries in the world. Today it is also one of the fundamental and strategic industries of the world. Per capita production and consumption amount of steel are used as a criterion for evaluation of country development. Furthermore, attention to technological innovations is assumed so much crucial to access the international markets of steel industries. In this research, technological innovations in iron and steel industries are classified into several groups including the incremental innovation, radical innovation and disruptive innovation according to previous international studies. Studies illustrated that several significant cases such as the production of advanced steel products based on future needs, reducing environmental and air pollution caused by emission of waste gases, utilization of advanced iron and steelmaking processes technology, making smart plants and recycling the steelmaking wastes are so much important for technological innovations in iron and steel industry of the world.